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      Did you know that our Barber Stone Rake works really well as a litter picker? If you're holding an outdoor event, we can help with the clean up! Just give us a ring on 01299 253118 to find out more.

      See the Barber Stone Rake in action

      ARC Ground Care own a wide range of plant and machines to enable us to meet your exact requirements.

      We have two pieces of pitch renovation kit which will help us to more thoroughly deal with your drainage problems.


      The first is a new Koro Universe® Rotor. It is the latest maintenance and renovation tool with an action that is unique and recently patented. The Universe® Rotor for the Koro Field Top Maker was developed for the annual renovation of DESSO GrassMaster® playing surfaces, where it can clean out 100% of the organic matter build up on a pitch in four hours. The British patents are in recognition of the unique action of the Universe® Rotor as it is unlike any other.

      The rotor design is known for its unique work on warm season Bermuda grass surfaces covering sports pitches, golf greens and fairways. Studies of its use have shown excellent removal of surface debris, resulting in a renewed clean playing surface within 21 days.

      In UK and Europe where Poa Annua is present in the playing surfaces and beginning to take over, the Universe ® rotor has again been used to maximum effect.

      By setting the rotor to a precise depth, it is possible to grub out the poa plant, leaving all of the deep rooted good grasses. With a light top-dressing and overseed, these surfaces can be playable again within three weeks.


      The second is a new Terra Spike XP from Wiedenmann. This is a deep aerator with an outstanding work depth of up to 40mm and a variable working speed, which results in exceptional quality of work and offers a real solution to the impact this wet, warm winter has on your sports pitch.  It is the best available deep loosening machine and is specially designed for golf courses, sports grounds, recreational areas and municipal parks.

      Regular deep spiking and aeration is essential for healthy root growth. Once the ground is de-compacted, the roots can penetrate deeper into the ground, making better use of water and nutrients. Water and air circulation instantly improve while thatch is removed and sheering strength increased. We have five versatile ranges of Terra Spike high performance aerators in a variety of widths.


      • Stone Burier
      • Blec Stone Rake
      • Blec Power Rake
      • Harley Power Rake
      • Blec Laser Grader
      • Barber Stone Rake
      • Power Harrow
      • AFT 75 Wizz Wheel Trencher
      • AFT 45 Chain Trencher
      • Shelton Gravel Cart x 2
      • Shelton 6 Ton Dump Trailer x 2
      • Charterhouse Disc Seeder
      • Amazone Seeder
      • Amazone Finishing Mower
      • Amazone Mower Collector
      • Amazone Scarifier
      • Flail Mower
      • Shockwave Rotary Decompactor
      • Verti-Drainer
      • Koro Field Top Maker
      • Koro Universe Rotor
      • Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP
      • Mole Plough
      • 12m Boom Sprayer
      • Ultraplant Topdresser
      • Drag Mat
      • Power Brush
      • Three 4720 John Deere Compact Tractors
      • 3720 John Deere Compact Tractor
      • 6530 John Deere Tractor
      • Kubuta 4200 Tractor
      • Koro Top Drain
      • Mastenbroek 10/12D Sportsfield drainage trencher