ARC Ground Care


Our expertise is in the construction, renovation, land drainage and maintenance of high quality playing fields including rugby and football pitches, cricket squares, golf courses and bowling greens. We also offer land drainage for agriculture and construction.


We build, renovate and repair both flat and crown bowling greens. We get perfect results and a quality surface that requires minimal maintenance


Cricket outfields require specialised skills for optimum performance. The complex construction means we tailor the project to your specific requirements


Football pitches constantly face damage from play and weather. We have the expertise to keep your pitch in premium condition


Does your club struggle to keep the pitch permanently playable? We can provide regular maintenance and renovation


We build and renovate ménages and remedy many common racecourse issues by installing drainage and providing solutions for surface wear and tear


We have purpose-built machinery for installing primary drainage into golf course fairways and all types of sports turf and amenity areas


We have a variety of different irrigation systems and we can advise on the most appropriate solution for your requirements


Did you know that our Barber Stone Rake works really well as a litter picker? If you’re holding an outdoor event, we can help with the clean up! Just give us a ring on 01299 253118 or 07738 059623 to find out more

Other Services

We offer many other services from private and commercial landscaping to golf course renovation; underpinned by our range of specialist machinery