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      We offer many other services from landscaping to tree transplanting. Some of our services are detailed below. For more information or for anything we have not included, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


      Scarifying is often the first phase of a pitch renovation programme. We rake the turf to remove thatch and dead grass, resulting in better drainage and promoting root growth by allowing air to reach the roots. The ideal time to scarify is when grass is actively growing so that recovery is quick - between Autumn and Spring. We often apply fertiliser post-scarification to enhance the turf recovery. We have a number of scarifiers, which are specific to the turf they are used upon and the area to be scarified.


      Aeration is performed one of two ways: spike aeration where soil is punctured or split, or core aeration where core segments are removed. Spike aeration can also solve surface drainage issues and provide deep aeration to the turf. Core aeration can reduce turf compaction and thatch problems. After seeding we find aeration improves uptake of nutrients and water by exposing the grass seed directly to the soil.

      A regular programme of aeration and decompaction is an integral part of good turf management and is beneficial to bowling greens, golf greens, football, rugby pitches and cricket wickets.

      We have recently invested in a new Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP deep tine aerator. We also have a Shockwave Rotary Decompactor and a verti-drainer and we will recommend the best aeration option for your sports ground.


      Overseeding is implanting grass seed just below the surface of the ground and sealing the holes to ensure the seed germinates and grows rapidly. The benefits for existing turf areas are to replenish worn, high use areas, to improve lawn cover and to reduce moss and weed invasion.

      We do this using our specialist grass seed drills, overseeders, which we use on all sports turf surfaces. We have both a Charterhouse Disc Overseeder and an Amazone Overseeder.


      The Koro Field Top Maker has revolutionised pitch renovation in that it efficiently removes the surface of a sports field up to a 50mm depth. This levels the surface and removes thatch, weaker meadow grass and weeds to allow the regeneration of mature grass. We then stone pick and laser grade the surface before over seeding or turfing, dependent on how quickly the pitch is required to be playable. This popular method of renovation is the quickest way to achieve successful grass growth on your sports pitch. The Koro can also be set to leave the root structure in place to enable easier re-seeding. 

      The Koro Top Drain is a unique drainage machine which trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts in one operation. Designed for sports fields and golf course fairways the Top Drain benefits are material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination. The sand grid we create complements your existing drainage system. You can see this amazing piece of kit here:


      Weed control is an important part of a full pitch maintenance programme and is vital to maintain the quality and life of your pitches. The application of the chemical involved is specialised and our operatives are trained, licensed and experienced in the application of weed control. We will recommend the most appropriate products for your needs in addition to providing a comprehensive risk assessment. In addition, we work closely with a qualified agronomist to ensure we maintain our level of expertise. We operate a range of weed control equipment from knapsack to tractor mounted sprayers.


      Healthy grass requires a certain level of nutrients and we manage these through careful application of fertiliser.

      We recommend monitoring nutrient levels to maintain the correct balance and ensure the turf is as healthy as possible and can help you with this.


      This is a type of aeration where we make vertical slits into your pitch our verti-drainer to enable better drainage and grass sward growth.  


      When top dressing we add a layer to the top of your pitch or green, usually of quality soil or sand. Regular top dressing enhances overall pitch quality and is done to maintain correct levels and keep turf healthy. The type of soil or sand added will depend on the composition of the pitch, with clay soil being added to aid drainage and sandy soil being spread to help retain moisture where the ground is dryer. We have an Ultraplant Top Dresser and use this to apply any top dressing to all pitches and greens.

      Sports pitch renovation is one of our main areas of work and we undertake many projects of this nature each year.  Spring end of season renovation works consist of some or all of the tasks above. Contact us to discuss any of these services.

      Contact Us to discuss any of the above services.

      Pipeline Installation

      In addition to specialist sports drainage systems ARC Ground Care also provide field drainage and pipeline reinstatement.  Agricultural drainage is a speciality due to our farming origins, however we also offer pipeline installation for construction and utility firms.

      We successfully completed a project for a solar panel company installing the cabling to connect field based solar panels to the National Grid.

      We have trenchers with laser guidance and are constantly investing in the latest equipment to ensure we maintain our standards.  We offer site visits and a design service for any drainage or pipeline project.