ARC Ground Care

      Cricket Square Construction

      The construction of cricket squares and outfields is complex. The requirements will be specific to a club or client, dependent on budget and quality of surface required. It is essential that the ball bounce is consistent and correct and this requires the application of specialist loam soils over clay. The materials that we use will be dictated by your requirements but we will always use suitable quality products.

      Our experience in constructing single cricket wickets up to and including complete cricket grounds is comprehensive. This includes drainage and laser grading. We are happy to advise on the best approach for your particular needs and with our specialist equipment we ensure the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

      Cricket Pitch Renovation

      Cricket wicket renovation is another service we offer. Post-season renovations are vital to repair a worn wicket and restore it to playable condition. We perform renovations on entire outfields where necessary.

      The renovation process consists of:

      • Removing any thatch and weed growth from the existing pitch
      • Levelling the surface
      • Deep scarification to eradicate roots and to improve lateral growth
      • Optional deep tine aeration to break up any compaction and encourage grass root growth
      • Application of specialist cricket loam and grass seed
      • Drag matting and a final laser level

      This will result in a good quality, playable surface that is ready prior to the next season.