ARC Ground Care

Project Info

In 2016, ARC Ground Care Ltd won the contract with Brewood Bowling Club to build a crown green bowling green, in the village of Brewood, Staffordshire. The green was built on a large area of grass and weed within the village, which necessitated thorough preparation. We worked with the bowling club to determine their requirements and budget.

During the build, the Club’s Committee made suggestions, wishing to change the design of the green. With our input, we were able to adapt and make the changes required to give the club the bespoke crown they were looking for. We used the best quality material possible, within the constraints of the club’s budget. As a result, they have a green that is admired, both by their neighbours and by club members and we have a satisfied client, ready to get bowling.

Brewood Bowling Club
2016 - 17
We Did
Built a new crown bowling green