ARC Ground Care

ARC Ground Care Invest in New Drainage Solutions

We are delighted to reveal our two new pieces of specialist drainage equipment.

The first is a Koro TopDrain 1500, which is a unique multifunctional machine that trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation. Designed for sports fields and golf course fairways, the TopDrain benefits include: material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods. The sand grid created by the TopDrain complements your existing drainage system.


The second key piece of our drainage kit is a Mastenbroek 10/12D sports field drainage trencher, which is purpose built for installing primary drainage into golf course fairways and all types of sports turf and amenity areas. The trencher lays drainage pipe into a precision cut laser graded trench, and simultaneously installs the permeable backfill material to a controlled depth. All excavated material is removed via a conveyor to produce a clean cut trench with no contamination of the turf. Operating on low ground pressure sportsturf tracks the trencher causes the minimum of disruption enabling play to resume immediately.


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